Program Updates


  • Don’t eat much rice. It is not healthful at this time.
  • Garlic and ginger should now only be consumed once or twice weekly and in small amounts.

JULY 2018

  • A problem with toxicity of olive oil has been observed. For now, only use olive oil sparingly, and do not cook with it.
  • Do not eat Late July Purple Corn Chips. Problems with this particular brand have been observed. Eat other brands of blue corn chips instead.
  • Do not bake vegetables in the oven, especially in olive oil, as this is quite hard on the liver due to toxins produced in the baking process.
  • Use Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt as your sea salt, as opposed to previously recommended real salt.
  • Eat 1 tablespoon of tahini (roasted sesame seed butter) or 2 tablespoons of hummus every day, in addition to the 1-2 tablespoons of almond butter recommended daily. However, do not eat more than this recommended amount.
  • Previously, monomeals were recommended. However, it is now recommended to eat a mixture of 5-9 different preferred vegetables with each meal. This will make for a colorful plate of a mixture of the following vegetables.
    • white = garlic, daikon radish, white onion, white pearl onion, boiler onion, cipolline onion, white cauliflower
    • red = carrots, red onions, red pearl onion
    • orange = ginger root, orange cauliflower
    • yellow = rutabaga, yellow onions
    • green = green beans, green onions, cauliflower leaves, leeks, brussels sprouts, broccolini
    • blue/indigo = red cabbage, purple cauliflower